High School Senior Trip Ideas

Many students in high school celebrate graduation with senior trips. It really is a great way to end the year, and have one last experience with your friends. (and at your parents expense) There are many options high school seniors can take ranging from historical to tropical, with a high or low budget. If you’re looking for high school trip ideas look no further:

Low Budget High School Senior Trips:

Amusement Parks: Amusements parks are fun for all types of people, and usually offer deals for large groups. Try traveling to a park that you’ve never visited in other state. This is a great senior trip because it can take place over a weekend with minimal travel and hotel costs while still being really exciting!

Senior Shopping Trip: This type of trip is flexible for all budgets. You can go all-out and take a trip to New York or Chicago for shopping, or try a smaller location like Kansas City or Dallas. When shopping, have everyone pick out new things for their dorms to get them excited for college. Something as easy as going to a neighboring city holds many rewards! See America’s 25 Best Shopping Locations.

high school senior trips national parks

National Parks: If you’re looking for an outdoorsy senior trip look no further than national parks. These can be very inexpensive if you choose to camp, and seeing America’s great geographical wonders makes for stunning sites. See a complete list of National Parks in the US.

Indoor Water Parks: This is another easy senior trip that requires little planning and effort. Many northern states that get cold in the winter have seen a growth in these indoor water parks which are often connected to resort-style hotels. Spend the night in a hotel and battle your friends with water cannons- What could be better?

High Budget High School Senior Trips:

Tropical Destinations: Tropical Destinations are what most people think of when we say senior trip; they certainly are luxurious. Take a break from the norm and find a beach to relax on. Many 5-star resorts offer all-inclusive packages, bundled with flights to make the trip seamless and easy to organize.

Europe Trip: Europe trips are becoming more popular with every age of travelers. The inexpensive hotels and transportation provide better value than certain island destinations while being just as cultural and adventurous. If you’re looking for beachy try Spain, southern Italy or Greece. London and Paris are also great destinations for food, shopping, and landmarks.

High School senior trips are meant to be filled with laughs and good times before you head off to college. Make sure yours is special and unforgettable!