Did Bill Gates Go To College?

Did bill gates go to college?Did Bill Gates go to College? He’s one of the smartest and richest people in the world, but he isn’t really associated with a college like other famous entrepreneurs. Everyone knows that Mark Zuckerburg went to Harvard and everyone knows that The Google founders went to Stanford. Bills Gates, arguably the most famous entrepreneur, doesn’t have a school association. So… did he go?

Gates was born in Seattle, Washington and spent his teen years on the computer. In fact, in 8th grade, Gates built his first computer program -a tic tac toe game. Scoring a 1590 on his SAT, his extra curricular activities including stints with the national government, debugging computers, and forming his first venture. He could go to any college of his choosing, and decided to enroll. In 1973, after Gates graduated high school, he enrolled at Harvard University.

Gates attended Harvard for one and a half years, never choosing a major. During his sophomore year, he got wind of Altair 8800, the first microcomputer, and dropped out of Harvard. The rest is history.

Bill Gates did eventually get a complimentary degree from Harvard, so the answer to your question is this: Kind of. He definitely went to college, but did not finish.

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