10 Jobs for Art Majors You Never Knew Existed

Jobs for art majors get a bad rep.

Art grads between the ages of 22 and 26 make roughly $29,000/yr on average.
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Student’s often hear there’s no money in an arts degree, but the fact is that thousands of artists are successful and living comfortably doing what they love. You may have to think outside of the box when looking for work, but if you find something you enjoy and can make a living from, you’ll be set! Here are some fulfilling and unique jobs for art majors you might not have heard of.

1. Niche Photographer
The photography industry is huge so it’s not a secret or mystery, but certain types of photography are. There are Food Stylists that photograph and edit food to make it look more appetizing. There are photographers that hide weeks in nature to capture wildlife. If you have a love for domesticated animals, there are photography jobs that capture the love between dogs and their masters. Yes, photographing delicious food, big cats, and cute puppies all day can be a full time job for an art major.

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2. Entrepreneur
While selling art can be fulfilling for some, others want more business opportunities and assurance over their next paycheck.  In the past few years there have been many different small business that tackle teaching art to groups of women, students, or the elderly. One notable business, Canvas and Cocktails holds painting sessions for bachelorette parties, book clubs, and other groups. If this sounds like a fun career take some business classes along with your arts degree.

3. Locations Director
Ever wonder how movie directors find such beautiful filming locations? Locations directors in film seek stunning (or grimey) locations for backdrops of movies. This requires a lot of travel, photography, and and eye for unique settings. A degree in art will help you achieve this.

4. Music Supervisor
Music supervisors are in charge of planning, finding, and editing music and music clips for television and/or movies. Although this job doesn’t require a fine arts degree, they can be helpful for extending your knowledge of music. Many music supervisors have been credited with sitcom success solely based on music enhancement.

jobs for art majors5. Art Advisor
An art advisor is responsible for communications between artist, galleries, and buyers. When there are high profile works at stake, galleries will not just sell to anyone. Think of this profession as a real estate agent for art. Although this job is mainly found in large metropolitans, you can expect to make a competitive salary once you’ve built up a client base.

6. Voiceover Artist
If you have a strong voice and a love for performance, be sure to investigate being a voice over artist. These are the people who narrate commercials, documentaries, radio, and general television. You’ll want to take some communication classes as well, but having a fine arts degree can prep you for voice power and versatility.

7. Film or Music Historian If you love art and history, look into becoming a historian. Art Historians study film and music and correlate it to history. This comparison of social issues, technology, and arts is an important field, and getting your bachelors of fine arts will help you land this job.

8. Sessions Musician
Think of this as a freelance musician. Session musicians can provide backup melodies to recording artists, commercials, or play live locally. If you’re looking to become a musician while staying close to home, look into becoming a sessions musician. Local artists can form bands to play in weddings, churches, or bars which can pay very well if you have the skills.

9. Music/Art Therapy Career
jobs for art majors graphic designers
Music therapy has actually been around for quite some time, dating back to the 1940s. To become a music or art therapist you need experience in not only art, but basic health and counseling skills. This unique job may be well worth the education requirements though!

10. Limitless Graphic Design Jobs
Graphic Design jobs aren’t new to art majors, but the extent of creativity is. Since online activity is steadily on the rise, companies will always be interested in infographics, advertisements, social media features, and web design. Graphic designers are no longer restricted to stenciling clip art, but can design entire website themes, fonts, and banners. Keep all these in mind during your art degree.

Did we miss a job in the arts? If you or someone you know got a degree in art and works as an artist, please tell us about it in the comments!