Why Choosing the Right College and Major the First Time Matters

College is expensive and shows no signs of getting cheaper anytime soon. This makes picking the perfect major and college from the outset critical to your future.

Spending more time in college means acquiring more debt, that you could still be paying off well into your fifties.

Take control of your future today and sign up for Grown Up Me to take our quiz to find the right college and major for you!

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What College is Best for Me?

Our college and career quiz guides students through post-high school planning with a program that assesses the whole person – including lifestyle preferences and personal interests – not just aptitudes. Sure, we want to know what you’re good at, but we also want to know what makes you happy.

We’ll help you learn how to find the perfect college with our interactive college and career quiz. We take into account everything that makes you unique, from your preferred work environment and ideal living situation to how you spend your free time. Your answers generate a list of career opportunities that meet both your professional and lifestyle goals. From there, you can explore educational and training options to create a solid plan for your future.

An informed decision is the best decision. Planning for the future is easier when you have a goal in mind. Tell us about the lifestyle you want to live and we’ll help you find the right combination of education and career opportunities to make your dreams a reality. Find the right college and career for you today!